Testimonials from our Luv In Motion Volunteers

George Ramos, when I first met Rob and Toni of Luv in Motion as some of us have, in the inpatient house they're at. This was not my first dance in recovery-inpatient or sober living. I was angry my first night since it wasn't the inpatient house I wanted to go to or told I was going to. The rest of it was fantastic all the way to php/iop. That was after I let go and let God a number of times, still have to remind myself to do that sometimes. Rob and Toni were kind and understanding to me and everyone else before I even knew Luv in Motion existed. I believe I could stop there and it speaks of who they are. I was going to the Crossings Church with them and seeing others they had helped and were volunteering, Rob and Toni were so excited when pulling up to The Crossings and seeing the volunteers. I had conversations and fun with them as well as groups and their own personal recovery. Luv in Motion has given me the opportunity to grow my relationship with God, get involved in volunteering at church which i have so much fun doing that i look for more ways to be involved, helping myself and others, building relationships in recovery and so much more. Today I have 84 days in recovery that have been the simplest days out of 36 years in addiction and 8 yrs in recovery with 17 facilities, countless detoxes, hospitalizations, and self detox. I'm grateful God brought me to South Coast Behavioral Health and to Luv in Motion, especially that God gave me grace in the moments of me attempting to do what I wanted instead of what God placed before me. God willing i will continue to do whatever I can with Luv in Motion, Rob, Toni, The Crossings, A.A., my sponsor and all my Peeps in recovery. This is what has been productive for me and I am not going to stop or take anything out of my program they all have helped me build. I am in contact with Luv in Motion every day. Thank you so much for getting me started and helping me stay out of my way on a daily basis. CLEAN DATE: 9/15/23 Love you guys and God bless NYGeorge

Rejeania Chambers, My name is Rejeania Chambers and I have a sobriety date of August 1st 2023. I was able to volunteer with luv and motion doing things for the community. As I continued with my program, I continue with my recovery by being of service for others, volunteering with people in recovery. Us working together with luv in motion helping others in the community. Giving smiles and joy to the people we help. Being blessed with a sense of purpose again. Luv in motion has given me that. Working with other people in recovery and making ourselves accountable having people around us to keep us straight. Doing loving work for others and the only payment we get we love is doing it and how it makes us feel helping others. Peace of mind and happiness. Fellowship, community, accountability, friendships, love, and putting love and to motion for each other. Rob and Toni have been a great inspiration too many of us that volunteer with this group. It shows us that we can do whatever we set our minds to!

Tom Muhleck, Thank God for you both! Your support was immense and I could never repay you. Being there when I was struggling and when I needed to talk allowed me to express what I was feeling. I will never forget that as I move forward and continue with my recovery. I still cannot picture you both as addicts. You are two of the classiest, kindest people I have ever met and are perfect for the job you are doing! You were meant to help people and you are very good at what you do. I really look forward to one day when our paths cross again. I owe you both a debt of gratitude that I could never repay. Thank you both for everything and being here with me! Clean Date of 09/07/2023!

Lacy Kay Burgess I can only keep what I have by giving it away. To me that means I must freely give back what has freely been given to me. A second chance at life. On August 25, 2023 my perspective was renewed and all of me was no longer broked. As I began to be of service to those around me, the sense of loneliness and feeling lost slowly disappeared. On this journey of recovery, as I began to have Faith that God would restore my life, my outlook on my life and those around me had more than just purpose….it also had meaning! Awareness of the present moment that comes from being of service to others is so powerful. Today I have the humility to realize my own strengths and in doing so I am able to be of assistance to others as well as make an impact on our community. By getting out of self I am no longer empty inside. I am grateful. I have purpose and I have joy! Clean Date of 08/24/2023! “For you have been called to live in freedom my brothers and sisters. Do not use your freedom to satisfying your sinful nature. Instead use you freedom to serve one another in Love. Galatians 5:13

Sence, Luv In Motion has come into my life have learned so much I used to be ungratefull, now I dont have words for how I feel about life now, gratefull would be a understatement. Rob and Toni have tought me how to be grateful for even the smallest things and how to walk through life as a neighbor and not an addict.They tought me that my past does not define me, that I am LUV IN MOTION!!! THANK YOU Rob & Toni for introducing me to Luv In Motion

MY TIME WITH LUV IN MOTION: My name is Brian Newsome and I am, for now, a peer leader assisting my rehabilitation center connecting other clients to Luv In Motion. Long before my active addiction took over, I heard the call to service. As a young man, it helped shape and define who I wanted to be as a person and, later in my adult life. Unfortunately, when my active addiction began, I lost sight of that man for decades. It got to the point where I began to fear that man was lost forever. That was when I met Rob, Toni, and Luv In Motion. Luv In Motion’s sole purpose is to give back to the community, and help recovering individuals such as myself along the way. Put simply, it was created by two (2) truly blessed and wonderful individuals who believed in us when few continued to. Luv In Motion grants us the opportunity to live outside ourselves and usual ways of thinking, even if for only a few hours a weekend. During our time we all learn humility, selflessness, and most importantly, a higher purpose in giving back to the community we live in and, if you can believe it, a community who appreciates us and welcomes us with open arms. I will never forget meeting Rob and Toni for the first time at our community meeting. Completely sincere, and with a touch of innocence, their request was simple: volunteer just a few hours of our time to do something nice for someone other than ourselves. To paint lines at a local school to show appreciation for all they do. I signed up immediately. Through Luv In Motion, I was able to re-evaluate myself, and connect with the young man I used to be. Luv In Motion blessed me by showing me the call to service once again and encouraging me to answer it. Luv In Motion provided me with the ability to get out of my head early in my recovery and provided me with the ability to think about others than myself for a change. Not only that, but they gave me purpose, and hope when I had none for myself. Participating in the acts of love and service through Luv In Motion brings me more joy than I have experienced in longer than I can remember. While helping those in need, not only have I been blessed with the gratitude of those in need, God’s love, and countless other emotions, but I’ve also helped myself. When I came to California, I was a broken, brittle version of myself. Luv In Motion has helped put me, and countless others, back together and provided me with a proper direction towards recovery, healing, and a life worth living. Thank you, Luv In Motion, for all you have given us. I look forward to continue working with you on God’s Path.

SInce Coming to South Coast Behavioral health and being able to join luv in Motion.which has changed me internally, Luv in Motion has given me the opportunity to give back and help others around the community. Since coming to the program luv in Motion has opened my heart and eyes a lot more than what they already were. Just being able to give back to the community and the smiles and joy you get to see,on the people you are helping, truly amazes my whole heart. Being involved with Luv in Motion has inspired me even more to go out and help others who desperately need it just as I did. Luv in Motion has done a lot for myself and my recovery in the short amount of time. Luv in Motion impacted my life in a way I will never forget. Love and kindness and hope is something I think we all look for on a daily basis. Thank you Luv in Motion for all that you have given and shown me over these past few months. This is truly something I will cherish forever in my heart. A special thank you to Toni and Rob for doing what they have been called to do and for being close friends to me in my time of need. Love ya’ll so dearly!!

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