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Welcome to Luv In Motion, where we empower recovering addicts to become productive members of society through tools, resources,  mentorship, volunteering in our communities, and neighboring

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A life lost to soon to fentanyl lets spread awareness together

In loving memory of Zachary Walker "Zachie Zoo" 2000-2024

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Our team at Luv In Motion is composed of passionate individuals who are dedicated to helping recovering addicts transition into a new stage of life by empowering them with the necessary tools, resources, and mentorship.

Robert & Toni Womack

As founders of Luv In Motion, Rob and Toni have channeled their journey through addiction into Luv In Motion, a non-profit that restores faith for others on a similar path, offering a guiding light towards recovery and a renewed sense of purpose. Their commitment is a testament to the transformative power of faith, proving that recovery is not just about abstaining but also about rediscovering the hope that fuels a brighter, sober future. We are both employed with South Coast Behavioral Health,Toni is a case manager there and Robert is a RTC tech  there as well!!

Earl Carol

As one of the co-founders of Luv In Motion, my expertise lies in utilizing community to enhance our programs and services for recovering addicts, and ensuring that our organization remains at the forefront of innovation in the field.

Raechelle Wilson

Clarke Brogger

As Chairman of Luv in motion, I am also a Female house manager for EIE and also Employed at South Coast behavioral health as Support staff I am dedicated to helping the next addict thru their journey to recovery!

Family: Wife: Annie, Daughters: Solace Emmalene, Evie Annaleigh

Describe your “job”: I get to build community, help people grow, care for those hurting, and be on an epic team to make the mission happen!

Favorite place to eat: I love gourmet burgers, beef tacos, and BIG salads!

Favorite drink: Orange flavored energy drinks with no sugar.

In my free time I enjoy… I love being outside running trails, climbing rocks and mountains, or surfing.  More so, I LOVE being with my family doing anything.

Happy Customers​

Our dedication to empowering and supporting recovering addicts through mentorship, life skills, and community involvement is what makes customers love and trust us.

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Changing lives with the Crossing Church with God, joy, and selflessness
Thank you Crossing Church for all that you do and the opportunities that you give to our volunteers
The smiles are worth every second that Luv In Motion puts into our volunteers
The Crossing Church Offering the blessing of god and a place to show it
Bringing God, Solution, Recovery, Giving back together here in one place we all call Home The Crossing
Love Our Schools spreading the word
Proundly helping change lives for the better with the Crossing
A great time of family, The Crossing, and giving back At Holloweekend at The Crossing
Bringing families and new comers to the Crossing such a blessing to be a part of this!!!!
Love our schools!! What a incredible experience, being a part of giving back to the younger generations just even the small things will go a long way and help this ripple effect that we all got to be a part of was amazing lets keep it going
Luv In Motionng Volunteers giving back thank you all for all that yall do!!!
Ms Lorraine Perez in Costa Mesa this was such a blessing to be a part of"Labors Of Love" and our Luv In Motion team giving back to the community thank you Trellis for allowing us to be a part of a much bigger thing
Just a little Luv In Motion going a long way getting out of our heads and putting them together and giving back to costa mesa
Thank you team for all your hard work and great attitudes and helping pass along kindness and blessings to our neighbors
Labors of love, what a special event love and joy was so abundant for everyone involved
Labors of Love, thank you so much for this experience our team really got the chance to engage and boy did they !!!
The wonderfull team at the Crossing Church, were all so blessed for everything that you do!!!
Love Costa Mesa thank you for all the opportunities our volunteers really enjoyed being of service
Such great teamwork team thank you all for all that you do
packing Meals for Kids Around The World with Christ Lutheran church. Thank you guys for this oppertunity Our volunteers really had fun!
Shout out to our volunteers, showing up and showing out we love you guys to pieces!!
45,000 Meals team we helped feed families for a whole year that's something to be proud of team way to go
Labors Of Love thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves
What a amazing day in the community giving back and making Costa Mesa Great each project at a time
what a wonderful feeling to see all the smiles and happiness involved in being of service

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